What Patients and Professionals Are Saying About
Doranne Long and Your Body Book

“Wow, What a book. We both have first hand experience about how good you are as a Physical Therapist and now we know why. This book will be invaluable when one gets an injury and also to prevent it in the first place.”
— Gene and Nancy Kettwig

“For all those who have suffered with pain: you should be so fortunate to have Doranne’s experience and healing hands. Her book provides easy-to-follow instructions and suggestions on how to achieve relief I found.”
— Lanette Mohr-Johns; Hospice Social Worker

“Your Body Book is an easy-to-use guide to help improve health and well-being. The book provides basic information on what to do for preventing and managing injury. An invaluable tool with the overwhelming changes and costs in health care.”
— Kay Nielson; Physical Therapy Assistant; Licensed Massage Therapist

“Doranne breaks down what is often complex information into a simple, easy-to-understand language. Your Body Book is a great reference book for anyone who has health issues.”
— Beth Collins; Founder of Pain Management through Christ, Advocate for those dealing with chronic pain, Fibromyalgia patient 

“I read Your Body Book and loved it! It is accurate in detail and easy to understand! It is very helpful to anyone interested in helping your body to move more with less stress and pain. I loved having all of the exercises listed in the back for easy referral. By capturing the specific exercises together, you can follow a program to create health and well-being in your own body. It becomes your own personal educator and trainer. I highly recommend Your Body Book to help your body to be working FOR you.”
— Linda May; Jafra Cosmetics Consultant and Leader

“Your Body Book is a well written, easy-to-understand guide to better health. Simple tips and exercises provide the basis for a happier and healthier you.;
— Carl Sniffen; Attorney, Coach

“This delightful and concise little book speaks clearly to the reader (and user). It does not belabor the subject but rather puts useful information readily at the hands of those who will benefit from it.
— Kathryn Boranian; Registered Nurse

“I appreciate Doranne’s heart, soul and spirit as she shares her experience and understanding gained through years of physical therapy practice. I do not hesitate to turn over the care of my patients to Doranne when I am away, fully confident they will be well served. In this user-friendly book she has included information that will be helpful to many, which will accomplish her goal of helping others live higher quality lives.”
— Don Reordan, PT, MS, OCS, MCTA; Owner of Jacksonville Physical Therapy

“How different this book is! One can read and follow the instruction without calling “information”. My husband and I have tried the back exercises-they work!”
— Eugenia S. Hagen

“I found your book to be well laid out and easy reading. The illustrations are perfect, easy to follow. This book is full of useful information. I would purchase a copy and recommend to friends and family.”
— Susan Blair RN; Riverside Home Health Care

“What a great resource! These helpful ideas will allow you to address daily aches and pains or to recover form injury more quickly and successfully.”
— Mary Collins, MA, CHES; Certified Health Education Specialist

“Doranne Long presents a practical guide for medical experts and lay persons to preserve and enhance physical fitness and treat illnesses and injuries “head-to-toe.” As a physician experienced in research, teaching, and serving patients for five decades, I learn new and important information from her words; and have benefited personally from the author’s skilled care.”
— James Whitney Hall III, MD, FACP

“The presentation of this book is thorough, cohesive, and easy to understand. Helpful tool to prevent injury or to help aid recovery.”
— Cheri Hamilton; Small business owner

“A very helpful book! Clear understandable suggestions for exercise, injuries, or pain.”
— Renate Long

“I was recovering from a total knee replacement, and in physical therapy, when I was fortunate enough to read this clever little volume, which presents much information on musculoskeletal problems in a clear, clever, and readable format. The skeleton illustrations are especially charming. After a thorough explanation of the musculoskeletal system from head to toe, the author offers practical solutions for common problems such as inflammation, sprains, and strains. The section explaining when to ice and when to use heat is especially useful for those of us who are never sure which to use. The final section on exercise will make even the most devoted couch potato want to get up and move. The author dispels the myths of no pain, no gain, more is better, and all or none and presents simple body rules to follow when exercising. Your Body Book will be a nice addition to the body health section of the library.”
— Kris Gleisner; Library Operations Manager; Josephine Community Libraries

“I wish I knew then what I know now.”
— Barbara Long; Retired pharmacist